Finding you want to be happy while hacking school.


13966283149_1ece58b70c_c.jpg                             (Photo CC- By: Jumilla)

I have never heard of Logan LaPlante before, but after watching his Ted Talk video at:, I wish I would have known about him sooner. He is truly an inspiration for everyone and it is amazing since he is so young. Logan delivers a powerful message about education. What I particularly like is how he distinguishes between: “what I want to be when I grow up” and “what I want to do when I grow up”. Before watching this video these two questions had the same meaning for me. They have to do with how you want to live the rest of your life after school. I can now see how my thinking was wrong. Logan talked about he wants to be happy when he grows up and his profession desire is to be in business. I think that a lot of people have forgotten about this over time. We all go through our education looking at the best ways to make a living. Between high paying jobs, the best education, but we need to stop and ask ourselves if we are really happy.

Logan’s main talk throughout the video discusses “hack schooling”. I was really confused about this term when I read the title, but in the video he was able to provide a description that could inspire anyone watching. After watching the video and reading additional information found at:, hack schooling is finding something you love and mastering it and making it your own. This is something that can be very useful within the classroom.

As future educators the information from the two sources are very important for us to remember. We need to find what the students are passionate about. Find what will make them happy and further their education. When we have identified what a student is passionate about we can encourage them to “hack it”. We can show students how to look at information from different point of views and how to solve problems using different methods.

In Bud the Teacher, (article referenced above), we need to allow students to make things. When they make something they are learning about it in a complete new way. The same logic goes for playing. I will find any opportunity for my students to make, play, hack. I plan to use blogs, Twitter and even Facebook to search for ideas, to seek help and opinions from other. I know how I can help my students to be happy, while they are hacking their education.


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