Online creation tools are great tools to use!

The online creation tool I decided to use was Canva. The reason I used this creation tool was after reading the article by Karen Jensen, Tech Review: Online Creation Tools. The author explains her excitement for the tool, and that got me really excited to get started. When I went to the main page for canva, it was very easy to create an account as I was able to link it with my Facebook account. Once I started the process of making a graphic, I was surprised with how easy it was. The first thing you do is select what you are using the account for either business, personal, or school and than you are provided with several templates from several different areas such as posters, business cards, programs, ads and several more.

I decided to create a flyer to highlight some of the information I have learned through learning how to knit with my ILP. I found several of the templates were free, but there were some paid options. It was easy to find a free flyer to make my own and adding personalized pictures was also extremely easy. There were thousands of images to choose from, but again some required payment. It was very simple to upload a picture saved on my computer and place within my flyer. I also found it very easy to replace the generic text, with the information I wanted. Overall it was extremely easy to create and customize my flyer based of the free templates.

Knitting benefits

Knitting health benefits flyer: By Mindy Cress

There were very few problems I encountered while working with this program. The first is the general problem of where to start and which template I should use. After finding the one that fits my needs, I found it difficult to locate specific free images. However, this is a problem that can easily be worked around by uploading your own picture from your computers saved files. When I was looking at what information I wanted to include within my flyer, I thought what information have I learned that would make others want to learn to knit? I found it very simple to find information to fit, I actually ran out of room as there are several more health benefits that go along with knitting. I picked 3 things that I found to be most important and beneficial to others.

Once I finished my flyer I started to brainstorm ideas of how I can use Canva in my future classroom. And honestly the possibilities are endless. Between all the templates my students can learn to create a flyer based off their research project, the class can create posters to promote a bake sale, I can go on forever with the possibilities this program offers. Once my students get familiar with online creation tools it will help them in the future, as everything is turning digital. This can be a valuable lesson for my students and I think they will have a lot of fun with it.



6 thoughts on “Online creation tools are great tools to use!”

  1. Mindy, you did a fantastic job on your create! I am still not sure how to upload personal photos, so I would love to visit with you and maybe we could troubleshoot together! 🙂 I really like to read your blogs because you are very optimistic and always find a way to overcome any issue. Your flyer was great and knitting looks to be a challenge, but fun!


  2. Your flyer is so stinking cute! Love the ‘Benefits of Knitting’! I think that Canva was a really interesting app to use. It did take me a couple minutes to learn how to navigate through the free templets and such but it was a great ‘new’ way to learn how to integrate tech into our future classrooms. Is there any particular assignment you see using with this app in the future? Elem or Secondary?


  3. Mindy,
    You’re graphic is awesome. I love how you used a personal picture with your kid in it! Like you I used Canva, and from the beginning the ease of use is what got me hooked as well! I think the fact that you were able to link your account through social media or Google is what made the set up process that much easier. I loved Canva and hope to incorporate it into my future classroom!


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